SKU Description Box Quantity Price Weight Order Quantity
PV836-005 1/2" PVC MALE ADAPT SCH80(MS)836005 NA call $3.46 NA lbs
PV836-007 3/4 PVC MALE ADAPTR SCH80(MS)836007 NA call $3.81 NA lbs
PV836-010 1 PVC MALE ADAPTR SCH80 (MS) 836010 NA call $6.60 0.1 lbs
PV836-012 1-1/4PVC M.A. SCH80 (MS) 836012 NA call $7.72 NA lbs
PV836-015 1-1/2" PVC MALE ADPTR SCH80 836-015 NA call $11.09 NA lbs
PV836-020 2" PVC MALE ADAPTR SCH80(MS)836-020 NA call $16.03 0.28 lbs
PV836-025 2-1/2" MALE ADAPTER PVC 80 836-025 NA call $18.23 NA lbs
PV836-030 3" PVC MALE ADPTR SCH80(SxT)836-030 NA call $20.23 NA lbs
PV836-040 4 PVC MALE ADAPTR SCH80 (MS) 836040 NA call $36.00 NA lbs
PV836-060 6" PVC MALE ADPTR SCH80 (MS) 836060 NA call $0.00 NA lbs

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